Fish Luminary - Aqua - Poterie Ginette Arsenault - 7
Fish Luminary -  - Poterie Ginette Arsenault - 1
Fish Luminary - White - Poterie Ginette Arsenault - 8
Fish Luminary - Yellow - Poterie Ginette Arsenault - 9
Fish Luminary
Fish Luminary
Fish Luminary

Fish Luminary


Luminaries (globes) for a tea candle. Pretty alone, beautiful in groupings. You choose between water and sky, fish and stars. They are made in two pieces.

Height: 3.5 inches; Diameter: 14 inches
Weight: 318 g; Holds: 12 oz

All our pottery products are fired at 2245 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric kiln and they are non-toxic, dishwasher and oven safe.

Available in the above mentioned colors.
Please choose the color you want by clicking on it.

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